Welcome to codeheir!

Hello, I’m Luke Garrigan or as some would call me from twitch.tv/codeheir codeheir, or codey! I’m a software engineer who is currently working 9-5 as a Java developer, however, in the evenings, and on my stream I have took it upon myself to learn JavaScript, and more recently relishing in the ease of the p5.js library to create 2D games in an instant!

A more recent game I’ve created on stream isn’t currently running at spaceheir.com, It’s a multiplayer game which originally started off as an attempt to clone asteroids and make it so you could play against other people.

But the more I program the game, the more ideas come to mind and as It’s so bloody fun and easy to add new features I’m kind of addicted!

There’s still so much more I want to add and a whole trello full of ideas that I’ll tackle whenever I want to write some easy code.

Why blog?

So anyway, why am I deciding to create a blog? Numerous reasons really, but the main reason is that of a question I get asked almost every time I stream: “How do I start programming?”, to which I reply, “well, what do you want to make or what are you interested in?”. 99% of the time the answer to this question is games. Everybody wants to make games. So, the goal of this codeheir.com will be to create a series of blogs of which I will make games in increasing complexity, following the evolution of games, starting with very simple 2D games like pong, with the aim of showing code and explaining my thought process throughout the snippets.

Thank you

I am planning on writing weekly blogs, which I will post at 9am GMT every Monday morning. If I don’t make this deadline please be sure to send some abuse my way at twitter.com/codeheir I’ll be more than grateful for the kick up the bum, or even just to have anyone remotely interested in what I’m blogging haha!

Lastly, If you have any games that you’d love to see developed please contact me and let me know. Also join my discord server which is filled with a brilliant bunch of programmers, actually, now I think about it, is a bunch the correct collective noun for programmers? An array of programmers is more fitting.

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