The simplest way to make a pull request! 🌲

I’m sure many of you have done the following:

  1. Google: “How to make make a pull request”
  2. Cry when you see the long string of commands that need to be entered and memorised.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

I myself have spent many years using the CLI making many, many mistakes. I just recently moved to GitHub desktop it is so much faster and just an all-round more pleasant experience.

Step 1 – Install GitHub desktop

Go to and download the GitHub desktop. Once downloaded and installed I’d recommend having a little watch of this video to get up to speed with it — it’s definitely worth a watch:

Step 2 – Fork the repository you want to make the pull request to!

Go to the repository — at the top right of the page, there should be a fork button!

Mock housing app

In this example, I am going to make a pull request to a friend’s repository and just update their

Step 3 – Clone the forked repository using GitHub desktop

Clone the repository
Clone the repo clicking the button

Step 4 – Make and commit your changes

Commit the changes:
Commit the changes

Push the changes to your forked repository:
Push the changes

Step 5 – Make the pull request!

Go to your forked repo on Github and make sure your changes have been added:

Forked repo has been updated

Click New Pull Request:

Make the pull request

Check over the changes then click Create Pull Request!

Make the pull request button

Finally, wait for your beautiful code to be merged!

That’s all there is to it, it’s very simple and the GitHub desktop tool helps speed up the process — it also helps in actually understanding what these bloody commands are doing!

I hope this helps, happy hacking!

Thank you, if you like my rambling check out my personal blogging site at

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