Forgot what code you committed yesterday? Do THIS!

You’re in your morning scrum call, it’s now your turn to tell the team what you did yesterday. What did I do yesterday?? You’re frantically looking at your timesheets, sub-tasks you had in progress, the tasks completed yesterday, anything to jog the memory.

If only there was a system in place for programmers where we document our progress throughout the day in the form of quick informative messages. Commits.

It’s been a while now, probably 10 months. But one day I decided to create a tool to make my life a little easier. Daily I work using micro-services, spread across a multitude of repositories and branches. So keeping tabs on exactly what I did the previous day could often be quite a challenge. There are other tools out there that collate your last working days commit messages into a pretty format but none of them seemed to output the branch name to the console, and to me, the branch of a repo contains a great deal of context to complement the commit messages.

Git-scrum, never forget what you committed again

So I’ve been using this tool, daily, for 10 months. And it works for me.

image of the console working with git-scrum

How to use

  1. npm install git-scrum -g
  2. Type git-scrum in the parent folder for all your repos

Now, the tool is by no means perfect, I’m sure there will be some setups that won’t work due to the project hierarchy. But if you’re like me and you have a folder that contains all the projects you could have been working on in the previous day, then write the command there and you should be good to go!

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