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Following on from the success of my Wall Panelling Calculator which has now been used by 1000s of budding carpenters, I thought I’d have a crack at a wall paint calculator.

We’ve all got old buckets of paint in our sheds that’ll go unused for years because we bought too much initially. When we eventually need the paint again we open it and find it’s got some weird discoloured layer on the top, then when we get to painting it’s flaky, clumps, cracks, it’s just a nightmare. So I built a calculator.

Paint Volume Calculator

How to use the calculator

The first step is to enter the width/height of your wall in centimetres. Then if you’ve got any obstructions — like a door — then enter the distance from the left of the wall to the obstruction, then from the top to the obstruction, here’s an example setup using the door example:

It has excluded the paint required for the door from the calculation. You can add as many obstructions as you like:

The remove obstruction button will just remove the last obstruction you added.

In the final calculation, I’ve added an additional 10% extra to cater for wastage. I recommend this as you may have a spillage or have parts of the wall that drink more paint!

Hopefully, people will find this calculator useful, if you do let me know!

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